1972 drum machine - Eko Computerhythm

I really enjoyed watching this vid! The punch cards and optical reader for recalling presets actually look pretty elegant.


It’s like a giant Deluge!! :rofl: :open_mouth: :sunglasses:

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I actually find it pretty interesting to think about what in the interface is still cool vs. what seems dated. Like the overall design actually does seem pretty “musical” as Hainbach puts it. And even watching the guy from the museum drop punch cards through the slot while the drum machine is playing seems potentially like a way of performing with it!

Miles away from home organ drum machines with literally only presets, and actually pretty flexible full stop.

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Yeah, for sure! Also interesting that the punch card presets, which probably seemed really innovative at the time, are the thing that’s aged the most. Aside from that, the actual sequencing/performance interface of it really isn’t that far off stuff that’s coming out today! Maybe because there’s been so many advances in computer memory that storing/recalling presets is trivial these days, where as the interface design itself hasn’t evolved as quickly. For good reason, too - you want people to be able to know intuitively how to use something and referencing systems they already know helps a lot with that. But you don’t need to consider as much that when it comes to the back end lol

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