2manysynths case

I have had this case since about August last year. It was custom built for me by Arjan over at 2manysynths.nl in the Netherlands. Nice chap.

The rails are black and gold. Black rails, with brass threaded inserts (not sliding nuts!), and an allen-key inserted on the side adjusts the angle of the rails themselves. (Which I hopefully can find for the buyer)

The case itself is solid oak, stained with black linseed oil. I added some little rubber sticky feet to the bottom. The wood has its imperfections and oddness as Ive tried to show, but it is solid as fuck.

The power: 2x ModularSynthLab bussboards with 20 connectors each, so 40 slots total, run by a RT65B PSU from MeanWell (giving +12V 2800-3500mA, -12V 500-1000mA, and 5V 5000-8000mA). So definitely enough slots and power for thirsty digital modules. It has a jug plug not an adaptor wall wart.

Yea, basically its gorgeous, but I have moved to a bigger case. I really spared no cost getting the perfect one for my moment in time. The black finish and the black and brass rails. Ugh. Be good for make noise black n golds! Its been a great case and I hope to pass it on to someone as passionate about modular as me. Sorry for the Stock photos added at the end from Arjans 2manysynths website, as the unit itself is fully packed and Im not de-mounting all the modules just yet.

Obviously doesnt come with any modules.

Postage OK NZ wide, or pickup in Addington Christchurch.

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Sold. fdghdfgsdfg sdfgjnsdfg

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