AmbientNZ: A directory of New Zealand ambient music

My lockdown sourdough has been putting together this pretty rough and ready website. Now it’s up to >20 music makers, I thought I’d share it around. I’ve got a Google Sheet with like 60+ more names. :grimacing: I’ll get there.

If you want updates via social accounts, there’s buttons at the bottom of the home page and in the post just put under News.

I also like the Bandcamp playlist on the Playlist page! Just discovered that third-party website last week and was like happy with the timing!


Wow, great work! is so cool!

I contacted bandcamp about an api to access my own tracks for personal playlisting - this is great because it’s open access to every track (I assume?)

Have you hit streaming limits?
e.g. time to buy - 3 stream limit etc…?

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Great idea, look forward to submissions opening up!

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Awesome work! Having a browse around the site now and already spotted a bunch of people I’d never heard of, amongst some familiar faces :sunglasses:

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No I saw something saying the BNDCMPR dev is avoiding that somehow and that they are in conversation with Bandcamp. So happy to be able to provide a playlist of tracks there. I don’t know how they’re doing it all without an API, but :100: points!

If you reckon you’re making ambient music and have something people can hear online, hit me up - you can message me here or whatever.

It’s just a personal labour of love, so, you know, judge’s ruling is final or whatever, but happy to hear from people of course.

Ambient tends to be pretty obscure by nature!


Hey thanks for putting that together @jet . Had to have a chuckle that you’ve got the Involve crew all in there :slight_smile:
Would it be worth setting up a Soundcloud account and repost items from NZ ambient artists?
It makes it a bit more ‘open’ to discovery

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Wow - genius!

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Haha my thinking was to get the stuff that’s closest to me out of the way first so that when I share updates it’s not all me me me. :smirk: Though I’m saving Signer because he’s still active under that alias and I want people to see his new stuff.

I’ll think about the SoundCloud idea - just no idea how much people use it still, or how many playlists I want to maintain. But a few people have said a playlist should be more up front, because it’s what they really want.

Soundcloud is my main platform for casual listening & discovery.

But Bandcamp is my main tangible support platform. It still has discovery potential if people click through from bndcmpr to the track on bandcamp.

So for that reason I don’t think Soundcloud would add much at this point.

  • Although people do need to open the playlist directly to get the links

@jet Can you change the embed to include links?

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No the embed has no options at all except orientation (as in portrait v landscape).