Anyone used Ciat-Lonbarde?


Had a bit of a play on the pieces that were in the Wellingon Music Electronics Library. A Rollz 5 I think and something else that was cool. lots of fun, if a bit enigmatic.

I use Dunst (IFM) it’s beautiful, a real friend, such living noise. Coco quantus is for me an aspirational studio dream!

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I didn’t realise this was your video! Lovely sounds, I really appreciate the focus of the setup, how it allows for gesture and performance! Beautiful. The VM combo is great!

Yeah, also played on the Rollz-5 at WMEL, it was fun but didn’t really understand it enough at the time. Managed to get a really incredible gong sound out of it though. In hindsight, really wish i’d sampled it :man_facepalming:

How much are those things worth?

Too much !

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Here is a great video on the maker. I love this so much. The smoke bombs in the cave Lolled me so hard!

Ciat Lombarde Interview


wow thats essential viewing!