Art~Hack Presents: Ghost Machines @ Valhalla


ART~HACK is back for a surprise sit-down Halloween weekend show full of spooky synths, analogue wires and guts, mysterious electronic beeps and FREE CANDY. Free candy!!!


dj bbgun – New-age nightcore gone sludge

Late Majority – Cosmic textures and Cthulhuian bass

Keith – deconstructed experimental sounds and ambient type selections

DESTROY WITH SCIENCE – Live analog techno bangers and mash

Innerbound – Melodic House & Techno
plus creepy visuals by Cyberboy666!

Doors at 7pm, going till late.
Entry is $10
Tickets from

Art~Hack is a group of creative-ish solarpunk-y people who get together to share stories, show and tells, and jam on music or visuals. We created or coded most of the things we use to make art, so this early-evening event is full of DIY tools, innovation and excitement (and awesome music, duh).

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