Behringer Brains

Opinions etc?

Sooo its plaits?

Well. I mean there are a zillion other clones of it out there. At least with this one booringer basically has permission. Lol.

I opted for a real one.

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Meh… whatever


Good to see them adding USB midi and oscilloscope .
The scope surely can use at least cv input?
Probably not audio in tho…

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apparently not usb midi, usb just for updates. so essentially useless…

yea nah fuck behringer eh. im off it.


whats next? gee i hope someone utterly smokes them in court one day.


The USB ain’t even for midi?! Absurd!


Yeah, personally I’m extremely skeptical of everything that company puts out tbh. Does anyone know how Émilie feels about it? I tried to look that up when I first saw the announcement but haven’t been able to find much. I remember that the Arturia thing was lame, and that fact that it became a story was probably evidence of that, but at least it was part of a much larger project. This just feels like a massive corp with a tonne of money leeching off the R’n’D that smaller folks with more of a connection to the Euro community have done? Like, yeah it’s open source but this, as with a lot of things Behringer do, seems a bad faith take on it :man_shrugging:

Disclaimer: I haven’t really looked into it properly, and I’m probably not going to lol. But from a brief look it just seems like another example in the Behringer pattern so, ya, i’m good