Best Synths for Beginners?

What’s a great synth to learn on?

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This article looks helpful.


So good I changed the topic to match :sunglasses:

Best retro synth for beginners Yamaha CS10 all day.


Any old analog or clone.

My first was a Juno106. It taught me the basic s and sounded amazing until I sold it. I still love the Juno sound.

I have a new Roland SH-01a. Very simple synth but it is beautifully basic and all sweet spot. It also does 4 note poly which makes it very handy.

The simpler the better.

Osc. Filter. Vca. Envelope. Lfo. No menus, diving or complexity and you can learn the basics nicely


I would also consider a controller like the Arturia Minilab Mk2, which comes with Analog Lab Lite. Upgrade later to Analog Lab or V Collection FTW.

Depends what the beginner wants from it. Arturia Analog Lab = instant playability and versatility, with the option to go deep later on.

And to my ears their virtual synths and effects sound insanely good.

with actual synth principles, or just “choose your genre” type synths?

lol. my first was a korg microkorg and it was ferkin horrible.

slim phatty was next, that was much more a synth.

i would say something with actual controls over adsr vca filter oscs. jump right in but keep it a little simplified. thats where moog is good, not too complex really.

my 2c.


I started a few years ago on the first run of the Moog Werkstatts. I feel like it was a really solid way of learning how everything worked, as well as how different things can be patched together for different effects. The breadboard headers were great too, as it meant I started learning the electronics behind it so I could build things to expand its functionality, and the open source schematics are still a really great resource. Plus it sounds great too! :grinning:

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i just looked up that synth up on youtube… and yea… quite a nifty synth