Character analog modules / tone

well, as you probably all know I’ve been kicking around eurorack for a while.
and I’m always on a tone mission.

I wanna get some new analog oscs and looking around at the options for a great sound. I’ve tried a lot of things - not unhappy with what I have but always could try something new.

Tracking is important but I don’t need 7 octaves. PWM is essential. A nice vintage tone is what I’m after. What are your favourites?

I regret selling my bubblesound VCOb’s (the old through hole ones) a few years back, but recently the Radical Frequencies stuff has caught my eye.

As far as filters are concerned, I’m always interested, but some of my favourites are Synth Tech E440, verbos amp and tone, and the Jove filter

What about VCAs? I love my L-1, WMD ones as well as the Xaoc Tallin and SSF Vortices.

I do lust after a Serge Resonant EQ - that looks like a great module, but I already have a Happy Nerding tritone and the L-1 Quad resonant EQ and wonder if I need yet another “filter” module. The comb filtering appeals a lot. I also just ordered an Instruo Tanh for feedback patching too

Keen on your “tone secrets” in the analog realm of euro, go!


It’s not something I have much experience with unfortunately.
I just rely on my filters, analog delay & spring reverb.
Was very interested in Vortices… but haven’t prioritised it yet.

I think we might need to coax people over from the marketing platform to get involved in this thread…

i thought the intellijel dixie 2+ was nice and small hp. tracks well. triangle core. pwm. reset handy too

my end goal for filter/vca/mixer stuff is cwejman, but ughhh the price though.

Have you tried any NLC stuff @drxcm ?
I haven’t myself but I’m very intrigued.
They seem to have lots of analog VCOs on offer. PWM included.
I’m quite keen to build a Plague of Demons at some point.

and the CEM3340 looks fully featured too

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Never tried NLC but heard some good things.
@michaelaisuru Cwejman stuff is good, but it is somewhat hyped I reckon. The sound is very good or sure, but not ‘vintage’. It makes me think of an accurate swiss machine of some kind, or a precision instrument in terms of character. I haven’t tried that many of their modules but “clean” and “precise” are the works I’d use for Cwej.

I’ll kinda looking for big / wooly / dirty at the moment


Best quote ever @leowoo


wait done you have moog 5u? are the voltages the same? get some 3.5 to 6.35 cables and patch in a moog osc and ladder. or are you looking for all euro so its giggable?

Yup I have some 5U stuff.
Just looking at different flavors!

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Just got a verbos complex osc it’s pretty juicy. Looking for a tone and amp to go with it now.
I also like my pitts primary osc, interesting newish analog sounds with a vintage vibe to it as well. Small and cheapish too.


Yeah I love the Verbos sound, but I’ve had problems with them before in terms of reliability and service (long story). Short version is I think most Verbos stuff is good, but QC is poor, and the company support is worse.

I’d love a Verbos complex but I am too scarred by prev experiences to buy one!

Having said that I love my Amplitude and Tone Controller!

oh thats no good, and i’ve vaguely heard that before. what was your story in short? which module?

Multi Envelope and Multistage both had issues

The latter turned into a debacle :slight_smile:

VMS time stopped working. Contacted Verbos. Months of slow comms back and forth. Eventually took it tool him in NYC where I met him and he ‘fixed it’. Worked for a few months then broke again.

Emailed again. Months pass. Multiple emails. Eventually sent to Germany. He never ‘received it’ and was returned to me via postal service some 6 months later. Sent it again, same thing happened. Over a year has passed now. Slow comms.

Ended up back in NYC and took it to Patchwerk after discussing with Verbos. Who tried to fix it but couldn’t. Gave me a replacement.

Got home, worked well, then new problems. Asked for a replacement again, 9 months later got one. It had a minor issue which I emailed about and he has ghosted all comms since then.

Still got it and it works great. But 2 years of service limbo was not great.

Add to that the myriad of similar stories and faulty modules on various platforms and I’m not a keen return customer!

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oh wow. thats a good warning thanks. i was keen to embark on verbos journey. but mainly that tone&amp and may be the delay seems very interesting.

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