Complex Oscillators


  • Makenoise DPO
  • Endorphins Furthrr Generator
  • Intellijel Shapeshifter
  • IME Hertz Donut
  • Verbos Complex
  • Hexinverter Mindphaser
  • Instruo CS-L
  • Cosmotronix Complex
  • Frap Tools Brenso
  • Build from individual modules (eg Rubicon, ZPO, Generate3)
  • Other

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Keen to hear what your favorite ‘complex oscillators’ are.

I do love these things for internal routing and waveshaping options.

Used to have a DPO which I sometimes miss, have a CS-L which I love, but looking for other options, well, because!

The Brenso looks beautiful on paper but i still haven’t heard a great demo. Keen on the Mindphaser, Brenso, or maybe even the Endorphins.

What are you using?
What have you tried?
Why do you love complex oscs?!


i had the pitts double helix for a while. that thing was gritty asf.


I recently got my first analog complex osc, the verbos first gen with vactrols, and I hadn’t touched anything as organic since my late Roland system 100. It is so nice. I also have a NE locquelic iteritas which I recently upgraded to the percido version and a erica graphic vco. I’m yet to experience the thru zero fm buzz, I don’t really know what’s it is all about. Mindphaser seems pretty nice for that option.

yum - Mindphaser doesnt do TZ FM, but does do TZ phase mod.
I think the only analog complex osc that does TZFM is Brenso.

Mindphaser does sound awesome though! I have recently got one.
That Verbos CO (vactrol version) is something I’d love to have a hoon on though!

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You are welcome to. Hopefully a modular meet up would give us those opportunities. By that time I might have received the verbos ATC also mk1 with vactrols to pair it with.


Love the ATC mk1. It will always be with me!!

I gave up hoping you would sell it to me and found one reasonably priced. Looking fwd to it

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Yeah, meetup would be cool for this reason. I’ll let you know when I’ve confirmed the next date.

What we could do with complex osc would be a good topic