Custom Rack Ears for XONE96

Does anyone know of anyone, in New Zealand preferably, who would be able to make some custom 19inch rackmount rack ears?
Allen and Heath do offer rack ears but they are way too short, they’re made for custom cases.

I wanting to rackmount my XONE into the same case as my 84hp modular setup

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I made my own rack ears using heavy 90 degree aluminium extrusion with hack saw and a drill :sunglasses:


Oh wicked, looks greats, good idea will look into that, thanks :slight_smile:

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its a bit shit that the rack ears that are official arent for 19" racks. whats the point allen and heath you idiots!!!

that would frustrate the hell out of me

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therell be metalworkers around man, actually, now i tihnk about it, you have done this already. ignore me. lol

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Update: have built the ears and all setup now


looking great man!

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