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Really saddened to hear of the passing of Darwin Grosse recently. I personally learned (and continue to learn) a tonne from listening to his podcast and I know a lot of others learned a great deal from him with regards to Max/MSP as well. Thought that, similar to the Dave Smith thread, a Darwin Grosse thread might be appropriate to share the immense amount of knowledge that he passed on.

Art + Music + Technology podcast archive (380 interviews(!)* so there’s a 100% chance that you’ll find one with someone that interests you): https://artmusictech.libsyn.com/

Ardcore Eurorack Module: 20Objects - Ardcore Overview
The Ardcore was developed as part of Darwin’s masters thesis, which can be read here.

Darwin’s Max/MSP course: 20 Objects - A Pragmatic Method for Learning Max 7

His Youtube tutorials

*To put this into context, I remember when RBMA was wrapping up years ago that people talked a lot about the volume of oral histories that the academy’s archive. Looking at the RBMA archive now, there seems to be ~450 interviews there. Darwin got damn close to matching that by himself :exploding_head:

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Darwin In conversation with the creator of Max/Pure Data Art + Music + Technology: Podcast 090: Miller Puckette

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Soooo many good episodes I don’t know where to start:

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