Eurorack Power

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope all is going well for everyone

Wondering what is everyone’s experiences with power supplies, linear and switching? Both good and bad.

Am looking to upgrade from 6U 84HP to 12U 104HP and am thinking of going down the DIY case route.
Based on my current Modulargrid 12U 104HP rack, I am probably going to need about 3A of +12V and 2A of -12V, none of the modules require 5V, so maybe 500mA to 1A of 5V perhaps, with 40 to 50 power headers total I’d say.
It’s worth noting some of the modules will have tube’s in them – the Erica Synth Fusion series – which I am aware will draw about double their current on startup, so I think a Linear power supply may be required.

Does anyone have any recommendations, advice, tips, or tricks?

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Avonsynth have linear power supplies in their new cases - would be worth asking if they’re available separately.

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Linear supplies have the least power ripple, but generate a lot of heat and weight inside your case. There aren’t a lot of high power linear options though so you will need more than one supply for your power requirements I suspect. L-1 look like they have a great linear supply. Hinton is “the best” according to himself. I looked at it but the weight and size of the units put me off (not to mention the cost).

Also with linear supplies you have to be aware that mains power will be inside your case, so you need to make sure you don’t electrocute yourself!

Supposedly they are ‘the best’ option but I’ve not had issues with switched supplies.

Having a good distribution board helps I suspect. I know some people have had issues with flying bus cables but I’ve never used them. Some distro boards are passive and others offer linear regulation for the headers. Lots of options.

Right now my two systems are running:

  1. Eskatonic distro boards and meanwell bricks
  2. Amalgamod distro boards and meanwell bricks

Both supply ample power for my needs and the Eskatonic system is quite scalable (I think Perfect Circuit stocks them).

Have also heard very good reviews about Trogotronic power systems. I was going to go that way for my big case but the builder used Eskatonic and it has been just great.

The only reason I’d switch to linear is if I were having issues with switched- but I’m not so switched is A Ok!!

One thing I consistently see / hear on the forums is that you need to allow some headroom for your draw, and not run your system more than 80% of so of it’s rated capacity. If you are close to it then you may have heat / power on problems. I did find heat issues with my Amalgamod when I pushed it to its limits, but balancing the loads per zone helped tremendously.

So buy more power than you need would be my advice.

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Thanks for the replies guys

That’s a good point @version, I’ll flick them a message.

@drxcm, Meanwell seems to be the standard from what I can see. I guess my only hesitation with switching power supplies is really that extra draw that the Erica Synth Fusion modules have on startup, but like you said, having headroom sounds like it’s almost to be required anyways.