"final" modules

hey guys

so ive got 8hp and 10hp left. what should i do?

im thinking:

o_C or pams @ 8hp, or maybe a simpler cheaper clock mod of similar size

lil seq like mimetic or maybe pittsburgh micro seq @ 10hp

reccomend me stuff i have overlooked!

important note: must be silver!


hmmm… “final” :rofl:

I’m rethinking my whole rack at the moment.

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well i dont reccomend it.

youll be poorer than you think you are now hah

Fx aid? Posts must be 20 characters, Fx aid?

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i had considered that some time ago, but, realistically if i were to go back into effects it would be a larger module with more options. im effects free and loving it

@michaelaisuru Pam’s would be a solid choice


effect free. wow. respect. how long have you been clean for? stay strong


One year strong!

Hehe. Nah ive had euro effects in the past amd sold them all. I figure my money is better spent elsewhere. Reverb or delay for instance i can do with other and fancier stuff i have in 19". Yea there are cool cv-able effects but meh i can automate shit on my racks too.

Basically, normal just doesnt interest me. Now waveshaping etc to me doesn’t count as an effect. Effect i deem as a send effect.

Let the debate commence on the definition of effect lol

I went the other way after resisting for a long time. Sold most of my ‘hardware’. I like the small form factor of eurorack and having it all in front of me. At any time I could put that delay between the osc and the filter or wherever. Sorry for being a demon

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nah fair i totally get it. i have a friend who may or may not be on this forum who has made an entire euro just of effects. ext ins in stereo, dual filters, erica joystick, beads, stereo pinged delay. i had some goes, its freaking cool. feeds it shit from ableton sends to fang out weird shit for his live sets. very cool approach.

but, no, not for me!

That sounds like RDJ’s old live rack :sunglasses:


Hmmm, here are some options that might work

  • Intellijel Springray @10U - whilst you do have 19" and plug-in reverbs, having a physical spring could be cool
  • Intellijel Bifold @8U - add some interesting waveshaping
  • Xaoc Devices Samara II @10U - very interesting audio multifunctional utility
    -nw2s nw2s::io(balanced) @10U - if you wanted to record each voice independently or send certain elements to and from your 500 series
    I like the ones you have suggested too, the Mimetic would be very interesting

Also, here is the rack @michaelaisuru is talking about XONE_96_FX_RACK_01 - Eurorack Modular System from Biobird on ModularGrid

@MercuryPlaza Ooohhhh, cool!
How was this used in the live set? Do you have a link to video of it in use or something?

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Ooohhhh, cool!
How was this used in the live set? Do you have a link to video of it in use or something?

Link in post to discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/modular/comments/6g0x36/aphex_twin_modular_setup/

Aphex Twin Live at Field Day 2017


I will second Pamelas new workout

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Well its pams vs o_c and im pretty keen on the chord mode in o_c or the four voices. It seems to beat pams imo.

Id feed it a mono seq from metro and then split it out from there to the voices.

But in saying that, metro can do intervals… so i could just do two with that, and get neither pams nor o_c… and go something else different entirely.

Im kinda liking the idea of something like tiptop circadian rhythm and some more drum stuff. But id run out of space. Would need amother 104 skiff under all this dedicated for sequencers, mixers utils etc.

No. No. Not doing that!


I don’t know why I took 4 years to get a pams. Get a pams

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you know what, im going to get nothing.

the case doesnt have to be full :slight_smile:

but thanks for the input people!


Something will tickle your fancy eventually, i like the more bams for pams tho fam :1st_place_medal:

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