Ideas for modules

Hey Guys, im a bit board of building ur standard LFO, OSC, VCF kinda stuff i want some ideas for the weirdest most messed up Euro rack you can think of, (maybe something not yet made).
My work mate wants me to make something every time you plug into a patch bay on a module it makes weird Moan sounds, which im totally for but not atm as this will take way to much time to design.

however something along those lines,

any ideas?

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+1 for weird moan sounds!

but seriously, this, absolutely. some of the coolest oddest modules are drone oscs with 3 or 4 oscs, that bleat out a constant tone which you shape with other shit. there are a few on modular grid if you dive in

i guess the key feature is cv control over “something” so its not just static and and additional module with lfo’d filter etc. cv mangle some pitch/width/pulse wave stuff etc. maybe some unison stuffs? stereo outs? something like that could be cool.

@protosynthesis has a cool wee drone box that does some similar stuff. one knob mods another etc etc and its basically a super confusing mess that just makes utter cacaphony and chaos. care to elaborate m8?

also music thing modular radio music is cool. lil sample player with modulatable start stop time etc etc. good for weird moan noises haha. or anything you put on the wee SD card

or, just make a straight up turing machine man

What about like a cross between a 4 chan mixer and a logic module that insted of mixing it cycles thu the inputs controlled by etha a gate in or say a lfo would make for intersting textures , it probley allredy exists n im just a rube :joy:

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bernoulli gate like branches sort of does that

make a bernoulli gate ?

Cheers thats close but not exactly what i was thinking, more for audio signal than cv n trig. You know how a some osc’s can morph bettween wave shapes iv allways wondered how it would sound if u switch thu them realy fast insted of morphing like at audio rate.
Like a switching mixer but that only opens 1 channel at onece. Can think of a bunch of othere applications it would be useful for if such a module is out there?

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The real odd thing i find my self wanting in my modular thats randim as is a car push in lighter hahar so dum but would be dope

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ooo shit yeah i could do that with some logic gates and transistors, hell yeah i think thatll be in my next build, and of course add some cig sockets instead of 3.5mm sockets

I think NLC has the ‘weird’ pretty covered for euro…