Let's build a track together

I’ve been throwing this idea around in my head and thought I’d share it to see if anyone is interested. Would anyone be keen to participate in creating a track together?

For those unfamiliar with the concept it works like this…

Person 1 creates a layer of sound for a track which is then sent on to Person 2 who adds another layer or edit (be it drums, bass, field recording etc…) - the stems continue to be shared until each person has contributed and then the track is released into the world as a finished piece.



Sounds like a cool project.

I’ve been formulating a similar collaboration but using editable parts.
I was thinking about using Vital - an open source synth, but decided to purchase Pigments.

The idea is to make a preset/sequence to be combined with others sharing editable presets rather than wave audio stems. The beauty of Pigments is it can run stand alone and has built in effects and sequencer (you can even trigger samples - but synth drums are easier to share) :exploding_head: :sunglasses:

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Yeah, sounds interesting- I’d be keen

I’m keen!
Sounds like a fun experiment.

Sounds like fun. I would be keen to take part.

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Would love to have a crack at this.

This also good, have Pigments :slight_smile:

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I’m keen too.

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Downloaded the update. Opened Pigments as standalone. Version 3.5? Check. Midi controller’s working. Macros, too. ++good

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Yep, got it, ready to go, let’s do this!

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Kia ora Crew

This idea of this project has popped into my thoughts a couple of times this summer.
Great idea Scott!

But how do we make this work?

Problem. Nobody ever wants too start. But everybody always wants to have the last say.

Here is my pitch.

I reckon the way to approach this is set out to create a series of tracks. How do we do this?

Each participant gets access to a folder (Google drive would work), that they put their response and reprocessed stems into. This would mean we could all play around with each others stems in our preferred platform/setup. And we all get to have the last say and produce a final mix down.

I am happy to get things rolling and have already chosen my stem. It was originally sampled back in 1998 from a VHS editing session when I was helping a fellow student edit some sound for her video piece.

I will create a Google Drive folder and upload my stem.

Those wishing to play the game should email me at addison.g.course@gmail.com

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interesting!! :smiley: