Live nights for electronica

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do some networking and meet and hopefully play a nice in Auckland (or further a field perhaps) that specialises in electronica like Four Tet, Bonobo, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins kind of stuff. I have a band but looking to do some solo shows of my remixes and alternative versions.


There was a series running before Covid Electronicalive

There’s often gigs running at Whammy, Audio Foundation etc…

Probably best to get touch with the related Labels?

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I’m not so keen on late nights myself - but if you’re interested in early evening or daytime outdoor gigs there may be some later in the year/next year.

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Yeah I’d be really keen on that! What sort of thing was it you had in mind?

Sounds good. Yeah there is not a great selection unless you’re a drum and bass or techno DJ…

Yeah it’s tricky because “Electronica” sounds more like a sit down gig.
But half of those artists you mention play more dance focused live sets.
Jon Hopkins & Four Tet play mostly techno/house grooves.
Bonobo and BOC are more downbeat/triphop etc…

So the question is what venues cater to seated audiences?

We had a pretty healthy underground scene back in the late 90s.
There’s probably a lot of activity “under the radar” nowadays - but with net labels & social media it’s way easier to find :sunglasses: