Looking for feedback

Hi there, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this sort of thing, but here goes.
I’m looking for feedback on a track that’s a work in progress. I’ve gotten to a point here I can’t seem to get any perspective on this track anymore. I’m looking for any constructive feedback on both the mix and the composition.

For a bit of background, the track came together in two parts. The bed that the piano sits over was recorded as a eurorack jam while I was stuck in managed isolation about a year ago. Since then I’ve chopped it up and layered it to create an accompaniment to a piano part that’s been written to match.

I quite like it, but I received some feedback that the piano part doesn’t repeat enough but I’m in two minds about that.

Anyway, here it is.
Thoughts welcome.


great atmospheric scene setting music!!
a typical scenario might be loss/reflection/new beginnings
nice instruments… especially the choice of Piano

Thanks. I’ve gotten some feedback around the track and the balance of the instruments. I’m going to aim to mix in a bit more melody from the Modular side (maybe a soft arp) to help guide the overall melody and pull the two ‘halves’ together a bit more.


hey it’s been a little while. :slight_smile: I think it’s sounding really solid as is tbh - there’s a really nice subtle dynamic to the synth bed and the two elements sit nicely together. love the quiet beeps in the last minute and the swelling synth in general, the bass sounds hint at a rhythm without going doof for no reason. all good imo.

Curious to know how this is going, because I’m honestly not sure it needs it!

If it’s of interest the track reminded me of a producer called n-So, though he’s certainly much more dramatic, for better or worse.

Hey indeed. Its been a long time! Thanks for the feedback, I’m planning on making a few changes but its good to hear you like them sitting as is.

Where are you these days? Back in NZ or AU?

I’m back in Wellington and it’s coming up … 14 years since being overseas! Time flies.

i would say piano slightly too loud. or give it a more aggro comp. quiet parts are ok.

i wouldnt say an arp… i would say more weird atmossy glitch things or organic sludgey wet noises. theres a few there already, whether intentional or not, that suit it. but dont overdo it… just a little more.

ill also add its freaking gorgeous i love it. not much needed.

i guess a “soft arp” as you say could work. eg long attacks or filtered? really verby? something subtle like that could work… but sparingly…

well done mate