Midi merging (and splitting)

What do you peeps use to route/split/merge your midi signals?

I’ve been using a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru to split 1 midi cable into 4. This works well (hooray), but it’s not the cheapest device (199 NZD IIRC). Nor are MIDI Solutions’ other devices easy to get in New Zealand—only the Quadra Thru seems to be stocked.

I have a pretty simple setup with 2 controllers and 3 synths/machines. But within this setup I think I’m looking at several midi mergers and splitters to get it working the way I want. Seems excessive somehow.

Anyway, keen to hear how everyone else is doing on this front.



i picked up the 4x4 midi sport hub off trademe for $50… to route my gear.
i initially had a problem with the USB drivers when hooking it up, as the unit would be unresponsive when using a fader controller with it…(i suspect to much midi data been sent to a single channel)
i managed to get around this issue by using Bomes Midi Translator Pro… which remedies this problem somehow…
BMTP also gives me virtual midi ports too… which is handy when working between Daws, and 3 computers

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I use the midi solutions stuff mainly, the quadra thru and quadra merge, and a kawaii mav 8 midi patchbay for my rack equipment/interface ins and outs .

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Also use the midi solutions quadra thru and merge and like that they are powered by midi - saves a wall wart.

Mostly I just use my sequencer to route midi from my master keyboards through to other stuff though.

There is this which caught me eye though



This looks interesting.

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I like that devices like mioXM or Midihub can do selective merging/through. So you can e.g. choose to only merge the master clock, but not program change or stuff like that.

Pulled the trigger on a Midihub. Hopefully it’ll be all I need. :crossed_fingers:


Please do report back - that looks very handy indeed!

Sure thing, will do @drxcm.

First impression is really good @drxcm.

Solid enclosure, feels really well-made. The LEDs on the unit light up to show activity on the IN/OUT ports.

Up and running in under 10 minutes. Connected all my gear’s IN/OUT to the Midihub. Then I used the Midihub Editor software to route the right signals to where I wanted them. Added some filtering to remove a few things (PgmCh, certain channels, etc.).

Still have to delve deeper to do more complex stuff.

Also quite keen to check whether timing is solid/affected at all by the routings. At first glance it seems okay though. Any suggestions on how I could go about doing that?

This is comforting to read:

In case Midihub is routing the tempo messages to other devices, it does not perform any timing correction, but the MIDI realtime messages are given priority, so they are routed and sent first.

Via Midihub - Midiclock - #2 by Giedrius - Midihub - Blokas Community


Midihub’s tempo clock generation is based on 3125Hz internal timer, and real time messages are given priority over regular MIDI messages, so it’s doing its best to produce clock messages within 0.32ms accuracy and forward them as quickly as possible to where they need to go.

Via Incoming clock, regenerate and send out again? - #2 by Giedrius - Support - Blokas Community

Quick test of arpeggiator, CC LFO, note repeater, note delay, harmoniser, micro tuning: all working really nicely! And you can tie all the settings to CC values, allowing you to perform with these things, changing e.g. LFO rate with a knob.


Lastly, you can store 8 presets on the Midihub, entire configurations, which can be selected by sending program change to Midihub, or can be cycled by pressing the button on the actual hub.

Let me know if you want to know anything else @drxcm. I reckon the Midihub’s a winner.

Oh, you can download the Midihub Editor and have a look at what’s possible, even without having a Midihub.


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very cool - wher’d you order from? that’s some fast shipping?

Yeah, pretty fast eh. Ordered from Blokas directly. They shipped the same day from Lithuania, using UPS. It was here 6-7 says later. $330 NZD, delivered.


@pea do you want to sell your quadra thru? pm me. can we pm on here? who knows!

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Blokas are having 14% off this weekend. Code is CHEERSTOMIDIHUB.

I really rate the Midihub.