Modular Effects Rack for DJ mixer

Kia ora koutou,
I am currently in the process of creating a send effects chain for my Xone 96. I’ll be sending everything from one-shots, stems, external synths, and mastered tunes through it.
These are the current modules I am planning on using.
Beads will be used for both granular effects and reverb, though I am not convinced on the data-bender I am not sure how useful that will be. Any suggestions on what could be used instead, or ideas otherwise?

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Recovery Effects - Bleeding Hearts seems lovely for bit crushing, less deep and bigger than Data Bender but nice tone/crush. Data bender I noticed recently from Knobs. What has you insure? Looks like a nice glitch computer.

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I see I see, looks pretty damn nice, unfortunately its a bit too large HP wise.

The data-bender does seem cool, I am just not sure how well it will work as a Return effect, as well as how well it will work with Mastered tunes, haven’t seen anyone use it in either of those scenarios, but yeah