Modular filters?

filters and you.

how is the relationship? smooth and easy going, toxic, one sided (mono?), hot and crazy? lel.

please tell me of your experiences and favourites over the years of dabbling.

looking at: ripples, jove.



Yeah pretty mono.

DSM Curtis
Noise Reap VCF 2164
Dreadbox Dystopia

How does your Polaris compare?

i think the “all modes” / “multi modes”… whatever its called, out, is a great saturatey sort of phasery sound, which i hadnt encountered on a filter before. very different. its an effect, not really a filter at all.

the drive input is great too, though lots of filters have this.

how did you find the curtis? its quite simple looking at it, but its dave smith so its must be good right

It was my first filter.
I always loved the Sequential Pro-1 & Prophet sound so thought it was a good place to start.
It has built in VCA & 12/24 modes, so great for small racks.

It does sound great.
I won’t ever be getting rid of it…
…even though i now own 6 sequential filters in my Prophet 6 :sunglasses:

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