Modular FX unit

In terms of usefulness, usability, etc. Which would work the best as a Send / Return effect?

  • Milky Way by Endorphines
  • Desmodus Versio by Noise Engineering
  • Data-bender by Qu-Bit Electronix
  • Prism by Qu-Bit Electronix

here are the rack ideas:

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Hmmm… interesting selection.
I guess it comes down to which effect you prefer.

Prism looks the most comprehensive filter and delay wise.
Desmodus & Data-bender seem fairly focused whereas Milky Way seems pretty general.

I’d inform my decision by the demos myself.

Have you considered Beads, Magneto, Chronoblob, Dual Looping Delay, Z3000 etc…?

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Hmmm, fair fair, I mean i would love Magneto ahah
unfortunately I don’t have that much space left, I currently have
Beads and a Black Stereo Delay by Erica Synths.
I’ll have a 20hp left for both a 3rd effect and a modulation source.
So ideally the FX unit would be around 10hp. Thoughts?

If you’re looking to save space maybe consider Disting mk4?

I was thinking about getting something for cv/midi and then I realised Disting has this functionlity. There’s so many cool functions - some DSP, some modulation or utility.
Compressor, multisample wav playback etc…

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Oohhh I’ll look into that, I’ve heard a fair bit about it, though with mixed opinions. Cheers for that

pams disting oC, cant really go wrong but its pretty vanilla as far as i can see. if you want whack generally it pays to get a specific purpose module. imo.

cue the haters ripping into me


ill probably get an oC eventually lol.

i say stick with the plan m8 and go data bender. thing looks mental!

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just get another rack man


Ahahaha at this point I may have too xD

i can only speak for DV which i have as a S/R and works well, but may be you are covered with reverb/delay with black delay and beads

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Oh awesome, glad to hear
I am kinda leaning towards this as I feel just having a bunch of different spacial effects makes a bit more sense from a S/R point of view.

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