Modular trade/sales

i have for trade/sale:

1010 music bitbox mk1 (with custom black panel by audio parasites, orig silver panel included too) - 550

mutable instruments plaits (real not clone) - 300

access virus ti2 - 2000

4x hosa 4metre dual TS 6.3 (1/4 inch jack) to same (for stereo synths to mixer or interface) - 30

8x hosa 1metre TRS to same (for audio interface to monitors or for patchbay, i used between 500 series modules and interface) - 20


erica sample drum

beehive 8hp

pique 4hp

milky way

fx aid xl

erica 6u104 travel case

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yea sorry my phone camera is fooked

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plaits sold.

stuffs on trademe now, might sell. pm me if keen