Monome Norns/Fates

Has anyone else been exploring Norns/Fates? It has rapidly become one of my favorite tools. It’s great to find a device with such an active community developing for it.

norns grids

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no, but it does interest me…

I had a teletype / ansible / grid combo for a decent while and liked it a lot… in some respects should have kept it but I realised coding wasnt for me… still wound be fun to maybe try again.

do you have a time expander? I need 30hr days please!

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I just ordered a Shield! Been waiting for Monome to restock. The list of apps in the Norns library is staggering!

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I’m pretty interested in grids as a customisable sequencer app!

Got my shield! Trying to do midi finally! I’m sequencing shield with opz, if I want to also clock op1 from opz, can I pass clock through Shield? I’m really unfamiliar with midi blakmagik, looking at the retrokits 006, could I connect opz via USB midi to 006 and then set up it up so opz sequences shield, clocks op1, and sends gate/cv to modular, or another USB midi out to yarns? If someone midi savvy could help me figure this out I’d be grateful, not sure how to move on with my current understanding.

I got a Shield a few months ago from Proswell which he built for me, it’s a cool little thing but noticed today mine is quite noisy. I’ve been using it a bit as a send effect from my Octatrack and was getting really into it until I noticed there is quite an annoying hum - maybe USB noise I guess but it is an official RaspPi power brick. Will need to see if I can track down the reason, could be RF interference too I guess but it’s a very consistent tone.