Music Marketplace Nina Wants to Be a Bandcamp for Web 3.0

Hmmmm interesting bit about people getting paid
for “2nd hand” sales (what is a 2nd hand WAV tho?), but I’m personally not really sold on it? Maybe I’m missing something or I’m reading this uncharitably, but it kinda seems like they’ve just reinvented current services but added crypto in to be a bit edgy lol. Like, aside from the 2nd hand thing, I’m unclear about what problem they’re solving, and how they’re solving it?

For my money, resonate’s stream-to-own model is more interesting and restructures things in a more meaningful and intentional way, but I feel like there’s also much less of a market for it (maybe because it lacks the same hype crypto has? :sweat_smile:)

Idk - Always open to being wrong tho haha

Yeah I prefer the stream2own model. It’s good to see more options evolving tho.

BTW Nina is based on tokens that are more like shares in a project that have member benefits. They are not NFT audio files

The patronage model created between artist and fan serves as a platform agnostic mechanism to provide exclusive experiences to supporters.


No. All tracks on Nina are freely and permanently streamable by anyone.

For sure - totally agree that more options can pretty much only be a good thing!

Aaaaaaaaah yeah maybe I did misread then - thinking about it as shares is kinda interesting. Or vouchers for an artist’s work maybe?

Still a bit confused though… lol. Will have to read more :wink:

Unfortunately it looks like Nina & Resonate both have the same issue of not letting DJs download and promote tracks to create more income for artists 🥲 Qobuz & Bandcamp seem to be the only proper supportive models - not placing limits on income and promotion.

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That’s a v good point actually! For all the conversation about how bandcamp is an imperfect model etc etc, I’m yet to actually see anything that works better than it