New toppobrillo mixer looks cool

stumbled across this

The Toppobrillo MiniMix is a compact six-channel mixer , a pared-down cousin to the Stereomix. The workflow and interface (sliders!) takes heavy inspiration from the Buchla model 207, one of my favorite modular mixers, but is functionally a bit different. It’s perfect for small/ travel cases, easily expandable has enough gain handy to work some outboard gear into the mix.

-Six main input channels, 4 mono and 2 stereo; stereo expansion inputs.
-Soft-mutes on each channel.
-VC “opposable” pan over channels 1 and 6.
-Up to +6dB gain and master level control.
-Loud and clean stereo headphone/ line driver with level control.
-Easily chainable with other MiniMix, Stereomix or other mixers.
-Extremely low noise/ low distortion design; higher-end opamps and audio grade caps used throughout.

Available for pre-order soon. Art subject to change.


Anyone end up ordering one? Am quite keen on one I think

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As much as I love analogue mixers (I have a few), I’m now looking at this to also solve my multitracking needs :sunglasses: