Noise Drone Repeat - 17 June WN

I run regular noisy, droney, experimental nights down here in Wellington, been running for 6 years or so. Our next one up is 17th of June at Valhalla (doors at 8pm, $5 or free if you’re super broke and ask), and will include lots of pedals, smashing things and some modular synths (and maybe a Strega and Lyra). Always a chill and supportive night, and always keen for more people to be involved if you lean in that direction.


Strega and a Lyra…I need a hall pass!

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While my use of them won’t be particularly fascinating, I’m sure there’ll be some time to have a play on headphones if you do make it along .

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smooth :grinning: asthamtic little bastard willing.

Ritual Heaps has been bringing along a Soma Lyra and Pulsar recently. I’ve decided against the Lyra tonight, but will be using the Strega and Поливокс. My partner in crime in узб96 got a nice little pedal chain going last night, Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal → DOD Deathmetal → Boss MT-2 Metal Zone → 2nd DOD Deathmetal → feedback loop.