Noise Drone Repeat - Collected Musings Volume 2

Limited edition cassette and digital release :

This is the second collection of music, noise and sonic art from some of our Noise Drone Repeat Alumni, a large cross-section of the experimental noise, ambient and drone community of Pōneke/Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

These 18 tracks are a representative sample from a roster of over 90 unique artists which have played at NDR since its inception in 2014. You’ll find elements of noise, industrial, drone, doom and ritual ambient seething together to form a vast interior landscape – at times bleak or apocalyptic, at other times redemptive and rapturous.

This is an anthology of suggestions and experiments, dreams and distortions. Played in their original context, i.e. through the thunderous speakers of Pōneke’s Valhalla Tavern these tracks run the full spectrum of sound, from punishing reverberations you feel through your chest, to deathly insinuations which creep across the skin. It can feel overwhelming; time and space get muddy in the
music’s ebb and flow.

To replicate this experience in the home environment, we recommend killing the lights and playing it loud.