NZ electronic release by Western Dip - Warm Ups

Hey y’all. Stoked to find this great site woop! Looking forward to diving in

We’ve just released our first album length demos reel
Fee download or listen here Warm Ups | Western Dip

(or on Spotify and what not)

or check the soundcloud for unreleased stuff on its way

have a hoon if you find the time

Two dudes from Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington NZ out to make some noise and bring a vibe people can dance to. A foundation of live synth performances plus a few edits. Chicago House and Detroit Techno inspired jams from two people who grew up mainly on east coast boom bap hip hop sounds.

This first Western Dip demo release Warm Ups 2022 is a selection of would be archived sessions from over 2021, saved from death on the hard drive to be shared around with those who might enjoy a taste of what’s to come from this musical duo with plenty more to get in the can over the coming year.


Hey cool sounds. Just a tip for bandcamp, if you make it “name your price” people can still download free but have the option to support you and add your album to their fan catalogue, become followers, write reviews etc… :sunglasses:

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thanks MercuryPlaza,
yeah true I should change it back soon,
I just sent out a few links to radio folks and what not and I was concerned the extra steps might put them off grabbing a copy to checkout.

good call though, maybe I’ll change it back today
thanks for checking it out


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Probably was a good idea to make as easy as possible for promo.
Download codes might also work? Reverse psychology - they’ll think they’re getting a special deal :sunglasses:

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true that.

nice tunes on the soundcloud! loving that dubby chill vibe