Out Of The Pit by Power Nap

“Out Of The Pit is a song about facing your fears” says Cudby. “It’s a tribute to the nerdish sword ‘n’ sorcery pursuits of my youth, I was thinking about old Fighting Fantasy / D’n’D books, and also La Brea Tar Pits.”

“‘Out Of The Pit’ is probably my favourite song to play live at the moment, it really gets things cooking. The song emerged from me jamming on Roland Juno 6, 707 drums, and my trusty Yamaha PSR6 keyboard run through a Metal Zone pedal, then I later came up with the lyrical theme while going for a jog past Spark Arena. It’s like the scuzzy rock flip-side to the smooth grooves of previous single ‘Club Dinos’, both of which use the same sonic palette featured throughout the upcoming Dinosaurs mini-LP.”

Out Of The Pit’s b-side, a remix from Sunreturn label mate Amamelia, came about in an organic way, as Amelia Berry explains: “Chris and I were booked for the Festival Of Sunreturn and when I found out we’d be on at the same time in different rooms I thought that it would be crackup to play a Power Nap track in my set, so I grabbed Pizza Man, chucked a big 808 on it and piled on the breaks until it fit with the rest of my set.”

Chris responds with “I feel 100% honoured to also feature Amamelia’s mad breakbeat bootleg mix of Pizza Man! DJs take note: this track rips in the club.”