Power Conditioning

So, having some recording issues as the Mrs constantly runs washer and dryer while I’m recording, needless to say I get pops and clicks in my recordings and must have written off 50 live recordings so far.

I’ve seen many rack options around like the Furman stuff. Ut they all result in female kettle plugs and I need standard mains plugs to feed:
Mac Mini
Usb powered hubs

What are others using to clean up their power properly?
Anyone using a UPS?

Most of the solutions I find online are 110v USA plug only type, grrrr

I might dig a little deeper in Taobao (the main Chinese domestic shopping site) China use the same voltage and plugs as AU/NZ.


I never had much luck with power conditioners myself, in fact one of them made my noise level worse. I run my studio off a dual online APC UPS now, SRV series, 3KVA. Dual Online UPSs that have enough power are always gonna be super loud though, so you need to be able to put it in a separate room/cabinet.

edit oh, and you can buy male IEC to standard mains socket extensions if you want to go that way, or just male to female IEC extenders. I have a few of each.

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So the Furman style conditioners may still let the pops and clicks through to the digital audio?

I have a friend in commercial audio that recommended UPS, said I need to be running off the battery side of the ups as that gives the most stable power feed as the other side is ironed out and power fed to battery.

What is my best source to get these? PB tech computer grade or somewhere else?

UPSs come in different types, what you want is a ‘doubl;e conversion’ or ‘dual online’ UPS where the power goes into the battery (AC->DC) then gets a ‘pure’ sinewave reconstructed from DC to get back into AC. This basically decouples the grid from your power. You do have to then be careful that anything you’re plugging into it is grounded into the same circuit, or you’ll get worse hum. You have to make sure it’s a nice pure sinewave on the output (some cheaper ones do stepped, which is fine for computers, but shit as for audio), also the UPSs with a decent amount of capacity use a different power cable/plug specced for higher amps than your normal wall socket, but you can work around that fine.

This was the one I got - https://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?itemID=496584

I found the furman style conditioner really didn’t do much for me. It’s good to protect against some kind of spikes and to filter some RFI from what I hear, but they certainly didn’t help me with the dirty power and weird stuff that was going on in my studio.

Very good info, thank you for that. Those UPS are expensive.

oh yeah, they’re not cheap. I tried the power conditioners first, as that was less of an investment.