Sample manager?

I’ve been thinking about trying out a sample manager and there’s 3 (for Windows) that look pretty similar.

I know I could just trial any and all of them, but I’m curious if anyone is using any of XO, Sononym, or Atlas 2. Thoughts?

I am mainly thinking about a way to audition a set of drum sounds and dragging them into Bitwig’s drum machine. I often experiment with pitching, distorting, filtering sounds, so I can imagine it’d be fun to be able to do that kind of thing before committing / exporting a kit.

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Interesting - hadn’t looked into these sorts of things before, but I can see why it would be useful. Following haha

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Yeah the main appeal is the idea of browsing sounds based on how they, well, sound, rather than name or file path!

XO does look pretty amazing, the more I look at it, but I don’t think I’d use the in-app sequencing.

Atlas has the local angle - it’s from an Auckland company.

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I actually quite like the look of Atlas. Seems to make visual sense to me (especially with the ableton style kit view thing) - although they do kinda all seem quite similar?

Funnily enough, they remind me a little bit of this, but with full libraries instead of a single audio file: GitHub - fatsmcgee/MusicMappr: Find patterns in your favorite songs and remix them on the fly!

Any thoughts on Perc X as a drum machine/sample manager?