Snap your rig

Can we (should we) have a section on individual rigs (Picture of your rig, and maybe text breakdown)?

I would love to browser through all the crazy setups and synths people have, and see this as a way to prompt a lot of discussion about different things people use, and why.

Like a “Post your rig section”, I initially thought it might fit in Hardware but it could have its own subsections like:

  1. Modular rigs
  2. Genre / track rigs (dedicated builds specifically for a genre)
  3. Synth rigs
  4. Studio setups

Just throwing the ideas out there…

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Yep, I’ll go first with my Modular rig! Only half of it so I can do another post later :sunglasses:


Nice photo! Fancy camera?

Cheers mate! Professional line of Canon. Don’t get discouraged though it’s all about reading the manual with cameras nowadays I a reckon :wink:

The lenses are more important and where the magic comes in after creativity.

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Portable self contained generative rig
Hidden reverb tanks
Custom self-built shelf
Circa Aug 2020


Tidy little chaos units.

Love it, care to give a detailed breakdown of what’s in there?
Link to something it has done, be great to hear it.

My noise machine in progress.
The top is based around two Morphagene(s) and digital modules
The bottom is mostly analog voices / effects.


awesome system! love to hear your thoughts on the Xaoc Drezno etc - how are you using it?

What a beauty!

the Drezno system is certainly a strange beast. I struggled to get a sense of how it works within a patch from the videos I could find on YouTube. At first I thought I’d use it more for processing audio but it really shines with CV. Run a CV signal through the system then use individual bit outputs to modulate filters or act as gates. You can bring enormous complicity to a simple patch using it, but it does really feel like black magic.

Probably worth putting some videos together demonstrating it.


Wow, those cases for O-CTRL & Strega are cool!

Thanks! My father made me three of them for the whole Make Noise Family as well as a 104hp rack (in the back of the shot).

Little Lockdown Rig


Here’s my limited lockdown headphone rig.


Nice, love the deluge in there.
What do you think of the Subharmonicon?
How are you using it with the other modular components?

Subharmonicon is cool. I got it for 2 reasons - that moog filter sound and analogue chords.
I was initially using the internal sequencer but now sequencing via midi/CV.
CV modulation control is very limited - but it sounds lovely for simple mono lines or chords.

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@HermanSaiz snap your riggggg

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More rigs