The endless sequencer battle vs ableton 11

live 11 is pretty damn good, but i really want to leave the “box” behind. however most of these are essentially computers anyway. please help by providing your pros and cons on these sequencers, and or providing additional options. i will update the post as people comment. i know this is a huge topic filled with opinion, please get amongst it. thanks for your time

the list:
elektron octatrack mk1
elektron octatrack mk2
elektron digitakt
akai mpc one
akai mpc live 2
akai mpc x
akai force
akai older mpcs
sequentix cirklon mk 2
sequentix cirklon mk1
sequentix P3
pioneer toraiz squid
pioneer toraiz sp16
polyend tracker
polyend seq
arturia keystep pro
arturia beatstep pro
synthstrom deluge
squarp pyramid
midiphy seq 4+
maschine +
korg sq64
korg electribe + sampler version
roland mc707
roland mc101
novation launchpad pro range
novation SL range
novation circuit
yamaha rm1x
yamaha qy700
monome range



I do have issues. I’ve been through so many sequencers. Not sure if I have th ability but it makes me want to make one. Should be an instrument

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By way of a survey how many seqs have ppl been through?

Currently interested in Vermona Melodicer while running Make Noise 0 Ctrl and Frap Usta. Had MN Rene I and then BSP then Westlicht Performer (pretty decent). Still have O&C w original Fw and Triggerman

I’ve only “been through” one: Korg SQ-1

I still use

  • Deluge
  • Marbles
  • Micro Sequence
  • O_c
  • Muxlicer
  • Shifty
  • Running Order
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keystep pro, mpc 5000, mpc one, metropolix, steppy for me

plus of course abletons etc.

mpc one and metropolix and steppy at present.

Yeah I’m planning to make my own sequencer. Grids does look pretty cool as a platform to develop custom sequencer apps

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mpc one is proving to be an odd one, but ultimately a better choice than the akai force i feel (at its current firmware at least).

for me it was down to those two, or the octatrack. but i feel that one elektron menu is enough; heh.

perhaps the promised firmware update of 3.0.7 on the akai force will make it a better beast. having the options upgraded on the mpc one and co have made them very powerful little beasties. if the audio interface update, and the midi control were made a part of force, it would be utterly amazing. time will tell.

also worth noting the potential of the mpc one key 61 here. interesting. discuss.

let the battle continue.

was quite tempted by the pioneer squid actually.

very cool tempo modulation stuffs. anyone used that?

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