To VR or not to VR that is the question(dollars and sense)

although i dont own any modular synth gears… it would seem theres Applications in progress showcasing a cheaper alternative into the world of modular synthesis.

i cannot make any comparisons… of a VR vs Real modular setups… other than to say the price of a VR RIG setup in its entirety if purchased on lets say trademe…
would amount currently to
$850(PC)+$400(VRheadset)+$30(VRsynth-application)+$70(shipping) =~ 1350
which would basically be a headset+capablePC(no monitor)+application(via steam)+$70shipping costs

is this a cost effective alternative to going the physical route?
heres a modular synth application in VR

You don’t need VR. There’s plenty of 2D apps.

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thats a good point!! lol
what a great reply!! lol
i love it!!

Yeah the issue with VR is lack of touch feedback makes it difficult to perform detailed actions. AR mapped onto midi controllers sounds more appealing to me.

i would agree regarding touchfeedback, at least in its current state…
but there are improvements in that area, with hand/finger tracking… which will eventually evolve and remedy the challenges faced with finer control solutions.

AR, of course, is VR just wrapped and intertwined with your physical enviroment, presenting the same challenges

If you map VR (or AR) on to your midi controllers then your fine controls can be actual midi. VR can be used for more gestural, less precise expression.

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in the “Ten of the Best: Modular Software” list…
i’d love to get a hold of Reaktor… apparently alot of user patches have been created.

Its very tempting to purchase a Komplete bundle with the full reaktor plugin, especially now NI have a sale on
while i currently have reaktor player, it only allows for 30mins of use… before having to re-initialise things