Welcome to the synthesis foundation

synthesis noun ~ the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole.

We set up this space to encourage all forms of synthesis culture & related activity.
Audible, visible, conceptual etc…

We hope to facilitate creative technology discussion, education, collaboration and events.

Examples of activities which incorporate synthesis:
music production, animation, DIY electronics, VR, projection mapping, modular synthesis, programming, AR, visual effects, etc…

Please keep topics and comments inclusive & constructive.

Please flag any unconstructive content so admins can warn/remove/block if necessary.

Apps - for notifications etc…

Sounds good, now to bring the community here!

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Great initiative, let’s go!!

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Yeah, weirdly there isn’t really* any online discussion communities for NZ/AO based creatives outside of Facebook :man_facepalming:

  • there’s the ADA mail list and… …

Random thoughts about how people will join this forum… Are we able to invite others (yet)?

I’ve run an invite-only (graphic design-related) online forum since 2003, which has been good in the sense that being invite-only keeps the signal-to-noise ratio a bit better. I.e. not just anyone can bowl up and spam. It largely self-moderates, too.

That said, being invite-only does mean fewer people join I guess. Depends what you want. I figure since in NZ/AO everyone almost knows everyone, maybe invite-only is doable.

Don’t want to be elitist of course, by making it hard/opaque to join. So maybe there can be an application process also, where you have to answer a few questions or what-not. Instead of, or supplemental to, invites.


We’re planning to launch it publicly and allow sign ups - with possible approval process?

We’re getting pretty close but want to get to know Discourse and try a few things first. I only enabled tags yesterday :scream_cat:

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cheers guys! i canned facebook so its great to have a forum like this where we can share stuff.

if you need any admins ill be keen. been involved in bassdrop when it was going way back in the early days so know the plan.

ive spread the word so hopefully we get a few more signups soon.


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