What are your essential eurorack modules?

A few of mine are:

  • Disting mk4
  • Prok Drum
  • 2hp Verb


While I love disting, I’ve embarrassingly barely used it. It mostly sits in precision adder mode currently.

For me there are a couple of modules that have stood the test of time and are irreplaceable for my workflow:

  1. modcan quad lfo - has output attenuation which saves a bunch of hassle, dozens of morphable waveforms, audio rate, sync etc. just incredible

  2. maths - need I say more. Great shapes and useful in every patch

  3. synthesis technology E440. Easily my favourite LPF and I’ve churned through a few

  4. gatestorm - a trigger and clock brain that’s hard to flaw

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As boring as it is, couldn’t live without buffered multiples.

Dont think my picture makes it any cooler


Any filter that has separate hi/band/lo-pass outputs makes for a really convenient and fun way of splitting the spectrum up. I’m a really big fan of the AvonSynth SVF. I’ve been borrowing one for the last year or so and I’m dreading having to give it back. I think it might be the first module I don’t buy second hand :joy:


I always loved the Sequential sound so I started with a Dave Smith Curtis filter from local retailer.
I saw one second hand recently for $60 - absolute steal!
It has a built in VCA too!

I was interested in the feedback potential of the AvonSynth filter with dual inputs, but I ended up going with this action packed little beauty :heart_eyes:


ooh hadn’t seen that one before - looks like a whole lot of fun! I really like the look of the saturation and ping inputs.

Haven’t tried feeding the AvonSynth filter back on itself yet (although I’m making a note of that now :wink:). I have used the two inputs and the CV ins in larger feedback patches though, and it rocks. Mostly, I just really appreciate the little things about it, like having attenuators on the inputs - super subtle stuff but it ends up adding a lot of dynamic possibilities to a patch.

Seen a few of those curtis filters pop up real cheap over the last couple years aye! Been very tempted every time I see them, but limited rack space is holding me back - trying not to impulse buy too much haha

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Im fond of the Avonsynth svf as well he did a good job, has carictor.
Have a good few filters on hand n its oftern my first point of call, there avs-mixer-1 is allso a nuggit of gold. Its just super handy having input attenuverters as opposed attenuation with a independent out put per channel that doubles as a +/- 10v source etc. I have 3 of em and im geting a 4th


In the “tones” racks it is always the Kilpatrick Pattern generator, Disting MK2 and Linux vca getting some mods from o&c. Pretty much those 4 are static and everything goes into them.

The “perc” racks staples are trigger riot and streams, though the Godeater distortion is making its way into every patch.

Good thread, I’m going to try to note use the above next time I patch, those combos have become crutches


Hmm trigger riot vs circadian. tough

I wouldn’t want to have to choose

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the Godeater dam thats heavy hadn’t looked into it until now Thanks for the lead.